Nemesis - the ringing void

“Nemesis – the ringing void” is an experimental medium-length film produced by the collective Serpens Terrestrorum (Natàlia Gómez and Roser Saló) that deals with the concept of emptiness and individualism in today’s society.

A film that combines different arts such as sculpture, painting, music, performance and lighting, leaving aside the word and plunging into the world of gesture and feeling.

The fact that it is a medium-length silent film emphasises what we want to transmit, that the spectator focuses his or her gaze on the character and his or her interior, and draws his or her own unique reading.

Each person identifies with the film on the basis of his or her own experience, values and knowledge, and as a conclusion, the viewer draws a reflection in and on himself or herself, which is indirectly reflected in the character and the film.

The intention of this fact is to generate a reflection that perhaps not all viewers will be able to appreciate, but that we believe is necessary given the dehumanisation that we are living in recent times.

“We see what we want to see” (Clarice Lispector) is the leitmotiv of this audiovisual piece, both for the protagonist and for the viewers. It is in our hands to explore and reach higher levels of consciousness than reality on the physical plane proposes to us and to give it a meaning, to get out of the culture of well-being and appearance that is so present in the western world.

Do we live the way we want to live, do we really feel, or are we simply what we have been told we should be, are we dehumanising ourselves?

Through the character of a woman we see the frustration and surprise of her breakfast at a brunch, an action that is based on the trompe-l’œil and brings us back to Clarice’s phrase. This character has been living all her life in the expectations of society and it is when she breaks away from them that she understands the meaning of her own life.

“You, stop. Where are you going? You are the cycle, you are hooked. Hooked to the fullness. To the fullness of emptiness.” (Roser Saló)

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