La Metartmorphorica

Who and what is La Metartmorphorica?

Metartmorphorica is an emerging multidisciplinary company with a feminist and inclusive character that aims, through the conjunction of different arts, to find its own universal language.

All artists, whatever their field of work, are welcome to participate.

It is formed with theatre and performance as its backbone, and is born with the project “Les veus que no callen – Fragments d’una dona”.

The company wants to open a space for reflection and expression, knowledge, learning and interaction between different artists, taking theatre beyond its standard format and creating a hybrid company. Going towards performativity and total art, and exploring all paths of artistic diversity. 

We seek to break the standards of theatre, to innovate in its form and to create a new language of our own and at the same time universal, not only with theatre, but through this conjunction of arts to give a performative character to theatre.

We have a strong link with society because art is a tool for direct and/or indirect social transformation.

We create artistic pieces that give way to the audience’s imagination, to their involvement, so that they can explore according to the level they are able or willing to reach. 

That each work is open to free interpretation by and depending on the spectator.

“If you can change people’s minds – you can change the world.” – Marina Abramovic

Art for us is a way to survive and to be able to express ourselves freely.

Through different disciplines we find our own language in which the body (the artist) and movement (the discipline) take possession of the space and are the protagonists.

To take our research and art to different places, to cross borders, to collaborate with different artists from different fields at an international level, to give workshops, to participate, to create and/or inaugurate spaces for the dissemination and research of art.

We take a commitment with society by developing projects, workshops or collaborations that are close to the public and people in general, not only artists, because they can be freer through art, knowledge and reflection.

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