Christmas presents

“Christmas presents” is a performance by the collective Serpens Terrestrorum during the 2020 Christmas campaign, with the aim of exploring, investigating and delving deeper into consumerism and society’s dependence on it, and therefore, what impact the pandemic had had on Christmas shopping.

What is the best gift for 2021?

A seemingly simple question to which we found many different answers. We aimed to reach the soul of each person, giving rise to reflection on what is really important: health, family, a hug, a car?

The action consisted of walking through different streets and shopping centres in Barcelona “dressed” as Christmas presents and seeing how people reacted, whether there was interaction, rejection, curiosity, etc. We wanted to see what our appearance generated and if it really led to a reflection beyond the possible criticism of our appearance.

A study that we later documented with our impressions and the impressions we had generated among the public among whom we were moving.

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